Kunming second-hand Rolex watch recycling high value _ where to recover

In fact, we are no stranger to rolex replica, especially in the replica watches uk, and second-hand swiss replica watches but very few people mention it, today was originally Saturday to nothing to the company overtime, about ten o'clock, see QQ suddenly a Flashing flash, there is a personal inquiry about the price of Rolex, this thing I also added each other as a friend, the customer said that my Rolex 218235 is bought in Hong Kong, the annex security card are all, when the purchase is 31 million Hong Kong dollars it, it seems that the security card in 2015, garbled characters, fineness of about 9 into the new, wearing a year or so did not wear anything. Telephone; "183-0176-0176" can be WeChat As a professional recycling company, I asked some questions, how do you find my information, the customer said in Baidu search a bit "Kunming Rolex 218235 recycling" to find you, ah, I heard you word of mouth is also good , In the Rolex sweat for many years you and the price and service must be better than other companies, so to add you, but talk down to feel you are more professional, the price is still a reasonable level, before asking several, reported me 15 More than ten thousand yuan, and let me take the watch over, is like Shanghai, but I came in Kunming is not convenient, if the price changes when the time how to do, so a little worry about it, you price to be general, 40,000 Yuan to accept the transaction, after all, I bought only 70,000 Hong Kong dollars, wearing a year also loss of how much, then I want to buy a piece of Patek Philippe 5296r full set, so I am in front of some of the advice to you. Then what is your transaction process is what can be home to recover it, we are about Kunming Railway Station near it, for the customer's understanding I am very touched, bought a train at 1 pm, about more than an hour to see To the customer, the customer about 40 years old, northeast people in Kunming to do building materials business, about 180 or so, weight 180, Oh, after the customer asked me to please dinner, think of Shanghai will be fast and dark, On the euphemistic rejection of the customer's dinner.

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